The project’s I’m working on are full-steam ahead! Ava the Monster Slayer; A Warrior who Wears Glasses is about to be launched through a Kickstarter Campaign. A video for Kickstarter has been made however we need to add another scene. Once that’s complete off we go…using the “art of asking” as Amanda Palmer would say… to raise enough money to have hardcover copies of our book made. When I say “our” I mean myself and the illustrator of the book, Ross Felten. Here is a promo video just for our supporters!

Ava the Monster Slayer Promo

My other project: Home from Within, which is an adult novel, is also on it’s own successful path.  Kate McKean, a literary agent, sent the critique of my query letter: “Nice work. Your query is clear, clean, and covers all the bases. It’s technically sound, so you’ve got the format down pat.” YAY!!! However, “What you want to do is to make sure you express what makes your novel special…agents will be thinking, what makes your story stand out from the rest?” YIKES—AND THANKS!!!
My goal the next two weeks is to scour the shelves of bookstores, reading the inside jacket of novels that are similar to mine, looking for ways to help my novel stand out from the pack.

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