Writing Learning Curve: sent queries too soon…not ready! Query needs more work/ first pages not pulling reader in enough.  Currently, have two beta readers from Goodreads reading manuscript and have a call out for two more! Despite my failure I will not give up and will continue to revise  my novel, Home from Within, so that it’s near-perfect; (“perfect” is a double-edged sword that I will chase into infinity so I try to stay “as near” as possible instead.)

Anne Lamott put a  poem in her book, bird by bird, and I find it takes the sting away from failure, if only for a minute.

August in Waterton, Alberta by Bill Holm

Above me, wind does its best

to blow leaves off

the aspen tree a month too soon.

No use wind. All you succeed

in doing is making music, the noise

of failure growing beautiful.

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