I’m practicing my Live Lit performance in my class: Storytelling For Everyone with Scott Whitehair. Scott will secure a bar/restaurant (in Chicago) for us to perform sometime in September or October. I will keep you posted!
My adult novel: Home from Within, has finally been revised!!! I plan on getting 2-3 more Beta readers to make sure it’s SOLID, then publication. More details next week.
Ava the Monster Slayer has also been revised, waiting for Julie (editor) to give feedback then back to Ross Felten to tweak some illustrations. Currently working on second “Ava” book and just joined a critique group to help that process along.
I also want to thank anyone who is reading this…I appreciate your support, your LIKES on facebook, and your comments. Writing can be a lonely endeavor but with you, I feel connected and loved. Thanks!

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