After very serious consideration, I plan on self-publishing my adult novel: Home from Within. Many authors today are making a great living being “hybrid” authors; publishing traditional and self. My picture book and YA works will be traditionally pub. while my adult work will be self. Home from Within is a love story but it’s also a coming of age story. My many years of being a social worker is reflected in my writing; showing resiliency and to never let a few rough moments define a life. I love writing about people and showing the harsh reality but also the softer moments. I have now become a publisher and author; which is scary but exciting. Currently, I have more Goodreads Beta readers reading my story to make sure it’s solid, am hiring a copyeditor, and looking for an artist to make the front and back cover of my book. After that, I will search for blogs to do a tour and looking for people to review my book in order to get more PR. As always, I will keep you in the loop of this new adventure and thanks again for all your support!


Thank you Ross Felten for this AWESOME illustration!


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