UPDATE on all things writing! Thank you again to those that voted on my business card. The newest version—with a splash of color, will be posted next week. Am writing 2-pages a day (except on weekends) to complete YA novel about a black Amerasian who survives the fall of Saigon and comes to America to find his father. Met with my critique group last night and they were very impressed with my plot & prose! Sarah from Shortpockets is creating two book covers: Home from Within (novel) & Pinterest Saved my Marriage (short story.) I will post book covers and ask for your vote. Goal is to have short story published by end of October. It will be FREE to all my FB fans for a limited time. (You have supported me since the beginning and I am very grateful.) After that, it will sell on Amazon for .99 cents. AND waiting to get the call for Live Lit Performance. When a date is set I’ll let you know!

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