I promise to post my new business card next week but right now I need your help. I have written a short story; Pinterest Saved my Marriage, and want to know which book cover to choose. Remember that color, font type, etc…can be changed on the one you like best. So if you see something on #3 that would look better combined with something from #1 let me know.
This short story will come to life (as long as everything goes according to plan) the end of October—for FREE—on Wattpad for a limited time. It will then be sold on Amazon for .99.
Can’t wait to see which one you like best!

Vote for #1, #2, or #3 and place your vote on my “Ask a Question” page.

In order to know the “tone” of the story, here is the first paragraph:
I was a bad husband. After ten years of marriage I became a sloth. It didn’t happen overnight but slowly, when I wasn’t watching. Instead of sharing the responsibility of the relationship, I sat in the passenger seat, then the back seat, stretched out on a quest to watch the entire series of LOST.


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