Busy writing—2 pages a day—to complete YA novel by January 2015. Soon will be interviewing a black Vietnam veteran for the story. I love interviewing people; it makes any story I work on feel more authentic. And my YA novel is walking the line of historical, so it’s even more important to be accurate.
Pinterest was returned by editor, I will be making those revisions and resending next week. Sarah from Shortpockets looked at your book cover feedback and is working on the “improved” version! Sarah is also creating the book cover for my novel: Home from Within. Cannot wait to get your feedback on that too…you guys are great! Thanks again!
One last thing, I will be attending the Chicago Writers Conference Friday-Saturday. My goal is to learn more about the writing industry, how to market and self-publish successfully, and meet new friends! If you plan on attending let me know, would love to meet up!

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