About Me

Lisa Maggiore was born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois with her parents and younger brother.  Throughout her childhood, Lisa was constantly reading and writing stories, completing a 200 page novel at age fourteen.  Her brother would often ask her to write stories and poems for his high-school English classes. He received A’s on these assignments and while the works were not published, the joy and excitement of creating them resulted in a deep love of writing.

Lisa attended Southern Illinois University (SIU) with the desire to become a creative writer.  Plans changed after becoming pregnant and she decided to major in a career which would guarantee a paycheck (although a small one); social work.

After graduating from SIU in 1991,  Lisa returned to Chicago with her three-year-old daughter and worked in the addictions field for nine years.  During that time, Lisa also married her best-friend, Sam.

In 2001, Lisa graduated from the University of Chicago and received a Masters degree in Social Service Administration. She took a position as a Title One Social Work at a Chicago Public School on the Southwest side.  For ten years she used her two-three hour, daily commute to create characters, scenes and dialogue in her head.  She finally had enough.  After work one night,  Lisa wrote a children’s picture book, completing it in twenty minutes—then revising for two years.  Lisa was now on the path to hone her craft and become published.

Lisa resides in Chicago with her husband and four children. Lisa loves to travel, watch da Bears (do not bother her on Sundays during the NFL season), hang out with friends, and be silly with her family.




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