Finished YA novel…let’s celebrate!!!

DID IT!!! Yes!!! After almost a year I finally finished my YA novel. It’s 378 pages (120,633 words.) While I want to do a happy dance I am completely exhausted. This might sound strange but creating a world and putting people in tough situations and killing them is emotionally draining. I have never felt this way while writing anything. Lets hope that’s a sign for GREATNESS! I will be taking a three week vacation from this story then: read it like I’ve never seen it, make edits, send to Beta readers, make more edits, send to agent who will want more edits, then…shop to some publishing houses (who will want more edits by the way.) Thank you for all your support with likes and comments! You helped me cross the finish line. P.S. When this story gets picked up by a publisher…I will be doing a happy dance with Champagne (not ice cream!)

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