Home from Within Book Cover Winner!

BIG Thank You to everyone that voted on the book covers! The winner is posted however it was very close with the other version falling one vote short. The blue cover received a few votes but a suggestion was made to put a little blue in the cover that won. I’m passing all this information to Sarah at Shortpockets so she can create something wonderful! Home from Within is almost ready for it’s second round of edits with my freelance editor. Once she sends it back to me here’s the timeline: I make changes based on her suggestions, hire a copy editor to clean up all grammar, then a proofreader who makes sure nothing was missed, then an ebook formatter. Once that’s all finished, it will be published in ebook AND print format! Working hard to get this book out by June. ‪#‎vacationreading‬ is the best! Thanks again for all your support!

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