Home from Within Nov. 1st Publishing Day!!!

I jumped off a twenty-year social work career, that I loved, because I always dreamed of becoming a writer. I read and wrote stories all the time. I went to college with that dream in hand. But I walked away from that dream when I became pregnant at twenty and decided to be a single-parent. I could not see supporting a child as a “struggling artist.” And even though I walked away from that dream, it did not leave me. It would creep into my vision as I drove to work, or when I would wake early in the morning or before falling asleep at night. Characters, plot, dialogue….it was always there. So I started listening to that voice, to that dream, until it beat so loudly that all I could do was answer it. And I answered it by telling my husband that I wanted to walk away from a career (and paycheck) to pursue the stories inside of me. His answer, without hesitation; “go for it!” SO here I am, “going for it!” As many of you know I have two books out there: Ava the Monster Slayer and ‪#‎Pinterestsavedmymarriage‬. And TODAY, I just birthed another: Home from Within. It’s a beautiful love story, but also a woman’s journey of how to love herself despite her shame. Yes, my many years as a social worker has proven very helpful in my writing career! It’s available as an ebook only right now, paperback in two-three weeks. Writing books would be very lonely without readers so please, check it out, buy it if it sounds like something you’d love to read, and share with others. Thank you!

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