How author and illustrator unite for Ava’s book!

After Ava the Monster Slayer was written, I was unsure which publishing route to take. But at a family wedding, Ross walked up to me and said he had heard I had written a children’s book and he wanted to illustrate it. This took me by surprise because he seemed very sure of himself. I asked lots of questions including how did he even know if he would like the manuscript? But Ross kept saying he’ll love it and we need to do this project together. I was silent for many minutes then Ross invited me to his art show just a few weeks away. I could decide after I saw his paintings. Well, I loved his work and told him “YES!” We met at my home and I actually had input into how some of the illustrations looked. That’s not a norm for picture book authors. Ava was a collaboration between author and illustrator and it’s also a work of divine intervention (aka, having a few drinks at a wedding reception and believing you can do ANYTHING!)

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