How we found a literary agent

After Ross and I decided to join forces for good, we worked on Ava the Monster Slayer for many months and we’re about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish. I went out to dinner with some girls I workout with and one of them mentioned her sister-in-law, Loretta, worked in the book industry but she didn’t know in what capacity. I asked for Loretta’s information so I could network. My heart stopped when a google search revealed that she was a literary agent AND was looking for picture books! This doesn’t just “happen.” I thought it was fate, luck and blessing combined! I reached out to her and she emailed me back asking to see our book. A day later, Loretta asked to meet. We met at a restaurant a few blocks from where I grew up in Chicago. Turned out Loretta was a Northsider too and grew up a short distance away. Ross and I decided to join forces with Loretta and within three weeks she had secured a publishing contract with Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Things happened very quickly, but I also know that everyone involved saw that Ava the Monster Slayer was a “GREAT BOOK!”

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