Why I wrote Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses

In 21 days ‪#‎Avathemonsterslayer‬ will be birthed from her manuscript and into the world of the living. Hardcover book, ebook, who knows what else Ava will form into: action figure, a play for children, coloring book, the opportunities are endless! But in this moment, it’s important to remember WHY this book was so important for me to write. It was inspired by my youngest daughter’s brave spirit but it was also important to include what made her so unique; her glasses. Ava has an eye disorder called accommodative esotropia: eye crossing that is caused by the focusing efforts of the eyes as they try to see clearly. And while she has undergone surgery on both eyes, and may require one more, glasses will be a part of her life, the rest of her life. And that’s just fine! She can see and because of the surgery, developed fine depth perception. Because Ava required glasses since age two, I saw that in children’s literature, kids who wear glasses were being represented as “book worms.” But I also wanted to see kids being represented as feisty and having a warrior spirit. Just like Ava.
This picture captures the moment that the idea for the book popped into my head. Ava was three and playing with her older brother, looking very tough in her new glasses!

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