Ava the Monster Slayer

Ava’s “cute” and wears “adorable glasses” but she’s really a fierce monster slayer. When her beloved Piggy is left in the basement, Ava knows she’ll have to face the ferocious monsters lurking in the dark to rescue her favorite stuffed animal.


Ava the Monster Slayer is a 2017 Illinois Reads pick for K-2!!! Illinois Reads is an annual statewide program of the Illinois Reading Council that promotes reading and highlights Illinois authors. The program encourages reading for all Illinois citizens by selecting thirty-six titles written by Illinois authors and/or illustrated by Illinois illustrators to appeal to all ages of readers – birth to adult.  I’ll be heading to Wilmington Middle School on March 11th for a Statewide Kick-off Event!





Book Reviews:

Kirkus Review: a triumphant sally in the long-running war against closet and other domestic monsters, with these mildly scary monsters not slain but thoroughly routed. (Picture book. 6-8)

School Library Journal: Maggiore and Felten’s treatment of this familiar story theme not only overcomes a fear of the dark but also kicks it in the head. Nicely done.

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Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses!


We shot this video when we were going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign however the literary Gods decided a different path and sent us an agent, who then got us a publishing deal with SkyHorse Publishing.  But, we really liked this video and it still makes us laugh so we hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for viewing and supporting Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses!

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