YA novel close to the finish line.

My fingers are on FIRE and my creativity is flowing! I’m currently on page 322 (102,444 words if you’re interested) of my YA novel about a black Amerasian who survives the fall of Saigon and comes to America to find his father. I have 30-40 more pages to go before I type, THE END! My goal, with my husbands help, is to finish by June 10th, which is the last day of school for my two youngest children (I have four all together.) This project has taken four months to research and ten months to write. I do continue to research things as they come up; I make phone calls to my Vietnam Veteran friends or search the pile of books I have for something specific about Vietnam/Amerasians. “The End” is far from “the end”, with edits and Beta reading that need to occur before my agent shops this to some publishing houses. BUT even with all that, there has to be an END somewhere thus I will keep you in the loop of my progress so you can do a happy dance with me on June 10th!

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