YA Novel Steaming Along

I’m 218 pages into my YA novel about a black Amerasian who survives the fall of Saigon and comes to America to find his father. I conducted my second interview with Alonzo, a Vietnam Veteran who when asked if he experienced any prejudice in his Army unit laughed and said the only place he had seen and felt prejudice, was in Chicago. Alonzo spent 18 months in Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam and felt a tight brotherhood with everyone because “we was trying to survive.” He’s angry about being drafted (he was an only child and was not supposed to go) and about his medical problems due to agent orange. Alonzo is retired now and while he’s happy spending more time with his family, his medical conditions are worsening and he spends too much time navigating the VA’s red tape. I’m very thankful to Alonzo for sharing his thoughts and feelings about Vietnam and to Roger McGill, also a Vietnam Veteran, who secured the interviews for me. If you would like to read the first page of my YA novel, click on the link: http://www.lisamaggiore.com/writing/ya-books/

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