YA Novel with Beta Readers!

I spent over one year on my YA novel: research, interviews, traveling to Vietnam and finally, writing the story! And now, it’s in the hands of ten Beta readers who have experience and expertise with my subject matter. I am so excited about this next step—to make it the best version it can be!

Here’s the blurb:

When the battle for Saigon is lost, all American troops leave Vietnam. They also leave behind Tin, a Black Amerasian who is labeled a child of the enemy by the Communist Government. Tin is called a black dog and a bui doi: dust of life. But Tin, who was raised by his grandmother, remembers her stories about a great love between his parents and the strong love that is American GI father had for him. Tin dreams of being reunited with his father on American soil. Tin meets Trung, Paul and Ellis, Amerasian’s with the same dream. Together they plan their escape enduring starvation, illness, and jail and all will risk death for a father they may never find.

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